Your well-being is THE priority

Only 39% of women say they are satisfied with their bodies when they look in the mirror, and nearly 2 out of 3 women have body complexes...

WE SAY STOP ! Body On Fleek™ intends to reverse this trend.

Stop feeling bad about yourself, and awaken the extraordinary woman in you.


Push-up Shorty/Legging + Slimming Sheath AT THE SAME TIME ?


With SPEED BURN technology, the girdle part has an integrated sweat belt. Perfect for fat burning. Now it's easy to tone your abs and firm your skin.
Thanks to its staple closure, you can adjust it according to your complexion.  


Thanks to its BUTT BOOSTER technology, your buttocks are toned, firm and much rounder. Guaranteed push-up effect, in addition to seeing much of your cellulite disappear.



The interest of the Legging Fleek™ is to be able to wear a legging AND a slimming sheath, a "leggaine" in a way.

Leggings tend to mark the lower abdomen and slightly cut the breath. The Legging Fleek™ avoids this problem.

Long Term: Unlike some brands, Legging Fleek™ maintains its slimming effect after regular wear and frequent washing.

Comfort: The Legging Fleek™ is made of nylon and spandex for optimal comfort. Stretchy, it adapts to all morphologies.

Class: The Fleek™ Legging has the particularity of having been created to be seen. It can therefore be worn as a garment, and not just under a T-shirt.

It's a simple way to reshape your figure and enhance the curves of your figure.

For maximum results, don't hesitate to wear your Legging Fleek™ regularly and follow the dietary advice in your Fitness Guide.

Not our Legging Fleek™. Its material, which is not very rigid, is made to adapt to morphologies.

Traditional leggings tend to tighten to a point where the organs meet.

Not everyone has the same morphology, nor the same genetic inheritance.

It depends mainly on your morphotype (explained in detail in our fitness guide).

On average, with regularity, the results will be quickly visible and you will be able to lose between 3 and 10 cm in 1 month.

It is made to be worn on a daily basis, either during so-called normal activities or during sports sessions.

Example: yoga, dancing, running, fitness, boxing, cycling, going out.

It is mainly composed of nylon and spandex (also called lycra or elastane).

Indeed. You can also wear a T-shirt over the Fleek™ leggings without any problem. As the waistband part is attached to the leggings, there is not the usual problem of the waistband riding up.

The Fleek™ Legging is made of Nylon and Spandex, which give a cool feeling on the skin.

No heat sensation should be observed, except perhaps in the case of intense physical exercise.

Post-pregnancy clothing helps young mothers get their pre-pregnancy body back. Legging Fleek™ is gentle on your organs.

We still advise you to wait at least 2 weeks if you have had a vaginal birth, and 4-6 weeks after a caesarean section.

You can also ask your physiotherapist or midwife who will be with you after delivery for advice on correct positioning and blood circulation.

For more information:

The Fleek™ Legging is quite enough, but if you have certain habits, feel free to add an extra belt on top. Be careful not to injure yourself with the staples already present on the Fleek™ Legging.

Unlike ordinary slimming girdles, the Legging Fleek™ can be machine-washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C.

It should then be wrung out without twisting before being left to air dry. Dry cleaning is not recommended, solvent-based stain removers are not permitted.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the "Contact us" section. We will be happy to help you.

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