All you need to know about slimming girdles

Refine and firm up your silhouette

The girdle takes several forms: boxer shorts, body, pantyhose or high waist panties. Slipped under a dress, it perfectly sculpts your body. It hides unsightly bulges, erases unsightly abs, and can even straighten a flabby buttock.

The slimming girdle is the ideal product to refine and shape your silhouette without constraint. Available in all forms, such as leggings, shorty or panty, the slimming garments act directly on your curves thanks to the natural slimming active ingredients impregnated in the textile. They adapt to all shapes and sheath your body without leaving the slightest mark under your clothes. Your first impression will be the feeling of slimness and firmness before you have even started to lose inches! By activating perspiration, the slimming sheaths embellish your silhouette immediately and act as a butt lift. Well-being is immediate!


How do slimming clothes work?

Slimming girdles promise you a draining effect, a loss of weight and waist circumference and a targeted slimming, while remaining invisible under our clothes. How do they work?
These slimming clothes are full of active ingredients, such as caffeine and green tea, which stimulate venous return and blood circulation by continuously massaging your skin. These active ingredients are released when the clothes are rubbed with the heat of the skin. The result is a massage of the padded areas like a continuous palpate-roll, which activates the micro-circulation and stimulates the elimination of cellulite without any effort on your part.


Guess what ? Immediate results

As the slimming active ingredients are released continuously, it is of course recommended to wear these slimming textiles all day and all week for at least one month. You will not notice any real weight loss in the first few days, but you will lose centimeters in less waistline, thighs or buttocks. You will quickly observe the sheathing and firming effects on your silhouette as well as an improvement in the texture and appearance of your skin. You will feel better in your skin, your body will be more toned and you will be more motivated to lose those extra pounds.

These clothes are not magic, but they are a real support to your weight loss desires and allow you to sculpt, tone and refine your muscles and your body. It is thus advised to follow in parallel and in complement, a balanced diet accompanied if possible by a physical activity and to have a good hygiene of life.


Those were our 6 little tips to feel good in your sneakers and love your body now! What's yours? 🙂

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